New Releases: Winter

Looking for your next read? Try one of these winter new releases from our members!

Dragon’s Winter (Dragon Courage #7)
Kandi J. Wyatt
Fantasy, Middle Grade (MG) Young Adult (YA)
Scout the area.
Plan the escape.
Rescue the slave.
What could possibly go wrong?  
Fractures (Rise of the Anointed #2)
Jason C. Joyner
Science Fiction, Young Adult (YA)
Superpowered teens battle parents, school, and ancient evil trying to destroy them.
The Rivers Lead Home and Other Stories
Emily Hayse
“You see, Maki, that’s the thing about the rivers. They’re like the blood-lines in your hands…. If you lose your way, follow the river downstream and you’ll always find your way back.”
Here There Were Dragons (AFV Defender #2)
Michelle L. Levigne
Science Fiction
When he can’t take the Defender’s dracs, a spoiled brat ambassador invades a newly discovered planet to take one of their dragons. Problem: they exist only in legend. Bigger problem: an illness that turns men into children. Send in the Defender to clean up his mess.
A Castle Awakened
Sharon Rose
A foreign usurper. A lady who longs for freedom. Vicious beasts who want to rip them all to shreds. Who wins?
A Castle Sealed
Sharon Rose
A mysterious castle. Fearsome beasts. Odd secrets. What more could a restless adventurer want?
Hamelin Stoop: The Ring of Truth
Robert B. Sloan
Fantasy, Young Adult (YA)
An orphan boy of great strength… A girl who dreams of another world… Danger and truth beckon them to a portal between two realms.
The Weeping Knight
Lauren Hildebrand
How can he save others if he cannot save himself?
Fortune’s Fall
Katherine Barger
Science Fiction, Young Adult (YA)
“Your sons and daughters will prophesy.” But will it be enough to save them?
Dawn Bringer
E.J. Kitchens
In a world where the sun is a myth, dawn is coming.
Shades of Black I: In Darkness Cast
Jonathan Shuerger
Debut, Fantasy
He’s trying to be the best the Light can ask for, but his master is the worst the Dark has birthed.
Fear No Evil
Allen Brokken
Fantasy, Middle Grade (MG)
Lost and alone in a valley of darkness, Lauren, Aiden and Ethan must call upon their faith to stand against the Dark One’s forces and prove they will fear no evil.
Night of the Living Proof (Neighborlee #5)
Michelle L. Levigne
Neighborlee moves from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. Something or someone is tampering with the magical defenses of the town. Things and people disappear and reappear, with no explanation, and gaps in memories and time.
To Slay a Curse
Rae Graham
Debut, Fantasy, Young Adult (YA)
A parasitic monster. A timid young woman. A deadly inner world.
The Firebrand Chronicles: The Complete Series
J.M. Hackman
Bond with a griffin. Harness firepower ability. Survive the astral event Starfall. Battle a power-hungry tyrant. She’ll do it all…if she doesn’t burn out first.

Congratulations, Members! Keep up the great work!!

Readers: Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think? If not, which one interested you most, and why?

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