Sometimes you just need a few days to focus on nothing but your writing. Why you write. How to say what’s in your heart. To breathe new life into your work. At the Realm Makers Writer’s Retreat, you’ll have time to engage all these needs and more.

We’ll learn, we’ll help one another, we’ll rest, and we’ll WRITE during this one-of-a-kind weekend. Nourish your own spirit and encourage one another as we navigate our unique creative paths. 

Whether you’re just starting out or have a bunch of books published, you’ll find ways to grow at this retreat. Our teachers will challenge you to look at the tasks of writing and marketing with a fresh, God-centered perspective. You’ll go home with renewed vigor and purpose.

The 2024 retreat takes us back to Sandy Cove, just a short trip from the Philadelphia International or Baltimore Washington International airports! Come enjoy the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, which offers tranquility year-round.

Lodging costs for in-person attendees are all-inclusive (4 night stay and 11 meals.) Enjoy a variety of entrees, salads, and desserts in Sandy Cove’s buffet-style dining hall. (And the coffee’s ALWAYS on.) You can opt for a shared room or private accommodations—whatever suits your needs and budget. Details on pricing can be found on the registration form.   

Check out this video session by retreat instructors Janeen and Seth as they lay out some keys to maintaining your creativity over the long term.

Our Instructors

Janeen Ippolito: Author, Editor, & Coach
Seth Ring: Independent Author
Morgan Busse: Award Winning Author

Janeen Ippolito believes that stories change the world. She’s an award-winning author of over 20 books, including bestselling fiction, author resources, and poetry. For seven years was the CEO of Uncommon Universes Press, a publishing company with award-winning books. Janeen is also an experienced editor, coach, and marketing strategist at Author Elevate, where she equips fiction authors for sustainable success. She hosts the Author Elevate Podcast and is an in-demand conference speaker and teacher. In her spare time, she helps her husband with his youth swordfighting ministry, indulges her foodie ambitions, reads whatever she wants, and explores a slew of random hobbies. Her life goals include traveling to Antarctica and riding a camel while wearing a party hat. She loves to collaborate and encourage, so connect with her on social media or at

Author of the Battle Mage Farmer and Titan Series, Seth loves telling stories, building worlds, and sharing those stories and worlds with other people.

Growing up traveling between the USA and Ghana, West Africa, books were Seth’s constant companions. As he grew, so did his imagination spawning fantastical tales of heroes and villains, of magic, technology, and skill.

Eventually, Seth thought it would be a good idea to write some of his stories down since he was running out of room in his head. Seth Ring currently lives with his wife, kids, and dog in the United States of America.

Morgan L. Busse is a writer by day and a mother by night. She is the author of multiple series including The Ravenwood Saga andSkyworld series. She is a three-time Christy Award finalist and won the INSPY, Selah, and Carol Award for best in Christian speculative fiction. During her spare time she enjoys playing games, taking long walks, and dreaming about her next novel. Visit her online at

What will they be teaching?

Janeen will help you master the rhythms of your book marketing to impact the world

Fiction book marketing is often seen as an unfortunate side effect of publishing. You’re told to market, you get the checklists and strategies, but in the end, it can still feel pointless and unsatisfying. But there is another way—and it’s all about coming back to Jesus. Join book marketing fanatic and publishing industry expert Janeen Ippolito for this deep dive into the heart of book marketing: your book and how it fits into God’s story. Includes next level guidance for what type of marketing to do, tips for practicing digital hospitality, and how to adapt your marketing plans to your life seasons and spiritual journey.

Seth will guide you through cultivating your creativity

A good gardener knows that there is more to growing a flower than the seed. Likewise, anyone who wants to create something beautiful needs more than a good idea. While seeds, and ideas, are indispensable in the process, it’s what surrounds them that determines how they grow. In this session we’ll be unpacking the parable of the sower from Matthew 13 and learning how this lesson applies to every creative work that God sets out before us. Come learn how to cultivate the soil of your creativity to give your projects the best chance to bloom. 

In this lesson, we’ll examine each of the different sorts of soils that we operate out of, and discuss practical tips to help our creativity grow no matter what season of life we are currently in. We’ll cover everything from the importance of creative habits to how to leverage other people’s support in our creative process.


Morgan will be sharing indespensible skills for the long haul:

  • how to pace yourself so you can keep writing year after year
  • advance tools and tricks for your writing box
  • how to meet the ever changing challenges of writing and marketing
  • and she’ll answer your questions about writing, publishing, and soul care.

Sample Retreat Day

7:30 – 8:30 am 

Enjoy a buffet breakfast with other retreat attendees 

8:30 am 

Start your day off with a group devotional to encourage the spiritual aspects of your creativity.

9:00 am

Take a deep dive with one of our clinicians and discover how their wisdom fits your writing journey

12:00 noon

Enjoy a hot lunch, some salad from the salad bar, and some great conversation in the dining hall

After lunch, use the next few hours as you please–to write, rest, walk Sandy Cove’s lovely grounds, or gather informally with other attendees.

4:00 pm

Reconvene with the group for guided discussion and Q & A with our teachers

5:00 pm

Sunset break! Nobody wants to miss the sunset over the water.

6:00 pm

Dinner time

7:30 pm

Evening writing activities facilitated by our retreat committee, such as group brainstorming, reading pages for critique, or career discussions.

9:00 pm

Bonfire and sharing time, maybe even some guitar and singing together