Realm Makers should be a comfortable environment for every participant, and in light of the growing awareness of harassment in conference settings, we as an organization want to be alerted to any behavior that is professionally inappropriate. Given the close community Realm Makers offers, it is sometimes easy to forget that the conference is, first and foremost, a professional development event. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at Realm Makers.

Definition of Harassment:

Harassment includes offensive or unwelcome verbal or written comments related to gender or physical appearance, sharing of sexual imagery, deliberate intimidation or power-leveraging, stalking, following, inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact, and/or inappropriate or unwelcome sexual attention.

We cannot govern individuals taking offense at Realm Makers, although we will always strive to interact and present material in the most respectful way possible. All of us have different things that we find objectionable.  If you are offended, the best solution may be for you to step away from the person who offends you, or to quietly exit a session where you disagree with the presenter’s position.  We represent a wide spectrum of faith-friendly thought here, so let us bear with one another where our doctrine differs, as much as possible. (Romans 12:18-If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.)

Unwanted physical contact is also not tolerated at Realm Makers.  We understand that many attendees view Realm Makers as “home,” and many enjoy greeting their friends with a hug, but please be aware that some people do not enjoy physical contact. If there is any question, please refrain from initiating physical contact with an individual.  Similarly, a costume is not an invitation for physical contact.

If you feel that you are being harassed, or if you notice someone behaving inappropriately, we respectfully suggest the following:

  1. If you feel comfortable doing so, point out the inappropriate behavior to the person(s) involved.  Often this will solve the problem immediately.
  2. Consider stepping into a conversation/interaction to support the person being bothered. This can be effective at diffusing the situation and also builds witnesses, in the event they are needed.
  3. If you do not feel comfortable talking with the person(s) involved, or if talking to them does not resolve the issue, please report the situation immediately to Realm Makers planning committee members.

It would be extremely helpful if you could provide a name and/or physical description of the person(s) involved.  We know reporting these issues is difficult.  Please understand we cannot address issues if we do not know about them.  While it is easier for us to investigate and address problems at the conference, it is more important that we know that something happened.  If you need time before talking to us, take the time.  But please talk to us when you are ready. You can always email your concerns to

Flirting, harassing comments, innuendo, and sexual quid pro quo will not be tolerated between authors pitching manuscripts and industry professionals in a position to publish, represent, or otherwise advance an author’s publishing career.

Participants asked to refrain from harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Realm Makers and The Faith and Fantasy Alliance LLC reserve the right to deny conference participation to anyone failing to conform to the letter and spirit of these policies, those of our hotel, and the laws of St. Louis and the State of Missouri.

Thank you.