Realm Makers 2022

July 21-23, 2022
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA


Are you excited to take the next step in your speculative fiction journey? No, not an actual trip to space, time travel, or forging your own sword—joining us for Realm Makers 2022!

What’s TRUE for 2022?

In-Person and LIVE online

This year’s annual writers conference will again offer the event in-person in Atlantic City and LIVE online. So even if you’re not ready to travel in July, you can still see the teaching in real time. Every class will be livestreamed for our virtual attendees.

Dedicated Social Network

Whether attending in Atlantic City or online, all attendees will have the chance to connect on the RealmSphere in a dedicated conference space in our online community.

Replays included for ALL attendees at no extra charge

Realm Makers 2022 is an amazing value because this year, EVERY attendee get access to replays of every class, available through the RealmSphere.

Virtual and in-person appointments

No matter how you attend, if you have a manuscript you want to pitch to our participating agents and editors you will be able to do so.


As we have stated all along, Realm Makers will follow the laws and mandates in place in the city at the time of the conference. 


If you are a Christian author writing speculative fiction, find your people at Realm Makers.

Are you a creative person who loves science fiction and fantasy, but also makes your spiritual growth a high priority? Have you found that you’re a little too weird for the usual church crowd, but don’t exactly fit in with the sci-fi convention set either? Well, now there’s a place for you to learn, share your talents, and commune with people a lot like yourself.

That place is the annual Realm Makers Conference.

Realm Makers’s first priority is to help foster excellence in the speculative arts, whether fiction, film, illustrations, or whatever way we can imagine to tell our stories. It’s our goal to help the artist who wants to market his or her work under the Christian umbrella, as well as those who want to pursue their goals in the mainstream marketplace. After all, both the “secular” and “religious” markets need excellent content. We recognize and applaud the fact that different artists are called to take their work to different audiences.

So, if you want to come to a Realm Makers conference, expect the atmosphere to be faith-friendly, because we know that sometimes the world of speculative fiction can offer some challenging terrain for the Christian creative.

What makes Realm Makers different than every other conference is that people who follow a faith-based worldview AND love spaceships or sword fights can call this conference “home.” Expect to learn from and rub elbows with professionals from both sides of the arts spectrum–the inspirational and the mainstream.