Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do you only allow Christian speakers at Realm Makers?

A: When we seek our faculty for Realm Makers, we look for individuals who are making a large impact on the world of speculative fiction, regardless of religious affiliation. It’s our desire to bring you the best and brightest leaders in the genre who are happy to participate in a Christian-run event.

Q: Can I apply to teach at the conference?
A: Teaching positions at the conference are selected by invitation. However, if you would like us to consider you for a future conference, we do have a form for that. If we find you qualify after reviewing your credentials, we will reach out to you to discuss opportunities further.

Q: Can I work at the conference for a discount on my registration?
A: We aren’t able to discount registration for those who volunteer at the conference, as we price the event as low as possible and still avoid reckless financial risk. 

Q: How do I get on the planning committee?
A: As roles open up on the conference planning committee, we will make announcements in our members-only community, The RealmSphere. If you see a call for help on the committee, there will be instructions with that call on how to apply.

Q: How do I get my book in the Realm Makers Bookstore/On the shelf at Bookish?
A: We carry Realm Award winners at Bookish, as well as selected titles from Realm Award-winning authors’ lists. For the Realm Makers Bookstore, we carry titles that have both won a Realm Award and are appropriate for homeschooled students and their parents.

Q: How much does it cost to attend the annual conference?
A: The cost for the conference is a complex calculation and changes slightly each year. As soon as we’ve hammered all the budget details out, we’ll post the conference cost on its own page under the events tab.

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