New Releases: April

Looking for your next read? Why don’t you try one of these April new releases from our members?

Taken captive by the enchanted castle, Ash refuses to be turned into a princess. Her only chance of escape is by being beastly.
Stones of power... And one princess to save them all.
Nearly kidnapped, only to be conscripted by an obsessed captain... Stormy seas can't possibly be the route to the next portal.
The Portal Watchers continue the impossible… To succeed, all three must rely on help outside of space and time.
A great evil awakens. Dark hordes are on the march. In a world desperate for a hero, can an outcast be enough?
Can Reith stay strong enough to fulfill his destiny or will he also fall to the Shadow?
Bern must convince Telantia to emerge from hiding. Garth must steal from Subja. Ne-tel must raise an army. But even the prophet says these tasks are impossible.
Martial arts, hard science, lots of adventure, and even a dose of comedy have the four Peabody friends on the case.
Jo and her cousin Scott form an explosive team as they confront an international team of tech pirates!

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