Readers’ Choice Top 5

Great Speculative Titles Battle Their Way Closer to the Win

An avalanche of votes poured in over the past couple of weeks, and our wizards behind the scenes have counted, done the math, and checked it twice. Fans of the following five authors deserve great accolades for coming out to support their favorite books from 2023. 

Starting on June 16th, it’s time to vote one more time for the winner! Remember, you may only vote for books you have read. Once again, you’re permitted a first, second, and third choice if you loved a few of these stories. 

Congratulations to these finalists:

A Goblin of the Glade – McKenzie Catron

Bond of Briars – Erin Phillips

Of Sea and Smoke – Gillian Bronte Adams

Sides – Bradley Caffee

Sky of Seven Colors – Rachelle Nelson

Just like other rounds, we'll make a link to the voting form available on the day the round begins. In the meantime, tell your friends not to miss their chance to elevate their favorite to the winning spot. We're excited to see which author and book take home their lovely glass Realm Award!