Readers’ Choice Realm Award Finalists for 2024

The readers have spoken!

Thousands of nominations flowed in during the past few weeks, and now we’re excited to reveal the books that have qualified for the voting rounds of the Realm Award for Readers’ Choice. Congratulations to the following authors!

A Goblin of the Glade – McKenzie Catron

Bond of Briars – Erin Phillips

Break the Beast – Allison Tebo

Castelon – Alyssa Roat

Desert Rose – Tayla-Kate van Rooyen

Disconnected – Riley Cross

Enhanced – Candace Kade

Fortified – V. Romas Burton

Lumen – J.J. Fischer

Merlin and the Magic of Time – Angela R Hughes

Of Sea and Smoke – Gillian Bronte Adams

Radiant – Ashley Bustamante

Shadowcast – Crystal Grant

Sides – Bradley Caffee

Sky of Seven Colors – Rachelle Nelson

Suspended in the Stars – E. A. Hendryx

The Agapéd Bearer – Hannah Lindsey

The Balter of Ashton Harper – Millie Florence

The Eternity Gate – Katherine Briggs

The Looking Glass Illusion – Sara Ella

The Wayward – Tabitha Caplinger

This Cursed Line – Morgan Hubbard

Unearth the Tides – Alissa J. Zavalianos

War of Torment – Ronie Kendig

Where Darkness Dwells – Andrea Renae

Starting on May 29th, readers will have the chance to vote to declare their top three favorites from this list. If you want to participate but haven’t read any of these, you have a little time to binge a book or two. (Remember, play fair–only vote for books you’ve actually read!)

Submit your votes by June 12th to help us choose the top five books readers loved!

Access the voting form on our website here:

Most important of all, please tell your reader friends to participate in the voting rounds. We’d love to have tons of readers take part in this exciting contest.