We are doing something new and exciting this fall that we want to share with you. During the last two weeks of October, from 10/16 through 10/27, we will be hosting live watch parties from Realm Makers 2023 that we hope will reinvigorate your creativity and bring you once again into community with your fellow Realmies! 

We are calling this fall reboot of the annual conference, Realm Makers RELOADED!

– Every session from the Realm Makers Annual Conference is included. VIEW THE CLASS LIST HERE!
– The Pre-conference and Post-conference sessions are available for an additional expense just like they were in July.

– Everyone who attended the annual conference in July already has access! (Click Here)
– New people can register to view all the watch parties and other recorded content from Realm Makers 2023 at a reduced rate of $199. This is Realm Makers RELOADED! (Let me in!)

To launch everything anew we made Steve Laube’s keynote address available for public viewing on Wednesday, Sept 27th at 8pm EST. Until Oct 15th, you can view the replay of this public event below!

If you are ready to enter the conference group right now, here are the links!
FOR EXISTING CONFERENCE ATTENDEES: https://realm-makers.mn.co/spaces/10535102
FOR NEW REGISTRANTShttps://realm-makers.mn.co/plans/337633?bundle_token=1cd14d39ccda96adfa02db6a2ac10f18&utm_source=manual