Congratulations to our Readers’ Choice Semifinalists!

Literally THOUSANDS of nominations flooded in last month as readers named their favorite speculative fiction by Christian authors! Your enthusiasm has generated 21 books you can vote on to push them to the next round of the contest and a chance at a coveted Realm Award. Here are this year’s Readers’ Choice semifinalists in semi-alphabetic order:

A Crown of Chains – Erin Phillips

A Daughter of the Trolls – McKenzie Catron

Aberration – Cathy McCrumb

Caged Animals – Scott Cahan

Calor – J.J. Fischer

Daughter of the Sun – Amanda Auler

Echoes of Dragons – C. Borden

Elanor and the Song of the Bard – Angela R. Hughes

Endlewood – Alissa J. Zavalianos

Once I Knew – Victoria Lynn

Recruit of Talionis – C.J. Milacci

Shadow of Honor – Ronie Kendig

The Change – Bradley Caffee

The Choice – Bradley Caffee

The Conjurer’s Curse – Stephanie Cotta

The Gift of Dragons – Rachel A. Greco

The Wonderland Trials – Sara Ella

Vivld – Ashley Bustamante

We Could be Villains – Megan McCullough

Wishtress – Nadine Brandes

Zao’s Tales – J. A. Sommer


Readers: Thank you for your nominations, but you’re not done. Come back May 1-15 to vote for your top 5 favorites! In the meantime, start reading the books on this list that look most interesting to you.

Authors: Congratulations! Feel free to encourage your fans to vote for your book(s), but please don’t bribe them to do so. We consider offering prizes as a way to boost votes for your novel unethical. (If you do it and we find out, you might be disqualified.)

Everyone: If you haven’t already, register for the 11th Annual Realm Makers Writers Conference, where the Readers’ Choice Award will be presented. The cost of registration increases on May 15th, so save yourself some money and register now! 

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  1. Becky Minor

    It appears autocorrect did its absolute best to mangle a lot of author names and titles in this post, so we’re letting you know we’re hard at work getting those “helpful” automations fixed. If you see a name or title that is still off, please don’t hesitate to reach out to becky @ realmmakers . com

    Thanks for being our faithful following!

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