The 2022 Realm Awards Are Coming

Realm Makers is excited to offer the 2022 Realm Awards, created to recognize the most excellent speculative fiction written by Christian authors in 2021.​

The contest opens on January 1. Entries will be accepted for three weeks.
The deadline for submissions is January 21, at 12 midnight (EDT).
Finalists will be announced via blog post by June 1.
Realm Award winners are announced at the annual Realm Awards Ceremony in July.



Genre Categories

  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Supernatural
  • Paranormal
  • Horror

Audience Categories

  • Young Adult (YA)
  • Middle Grade (MG)
  • Childrens*

*This year, we are allowing entries from Children’s books published in 2020 and 2021


  • Novelette/Novella
  • Short Story
  • Flash Fiction


  • Full-length/Novel
  • Mid-length/Novella
  • Short/Podcast


  • Debut (novel only)
  • Graphic/photographic novel (NEW)
  • Cover Design
  • Readers Choice (nominations open April 2-22)
  • Book of the Year (advances automatically)


Entries must be or support (cover design/narration) speculative fiction authored by a Christian.

Publishers, authors, or artists can submit their works into the contest, but the author must acknowledge our Statement of Faith.

Books with mature content will be accepted, but gratuitous content could result in disqualification at our judges’ discretion. No erotica.

Please read our complete list of Eligibility Requirements.



The Genre, Audience, Debut, Audio Book, and Cover Design entry fee is $35 per category.
The Novelette/Novella entry fee is $25.
The Short Story/Flash Fiction and Audio Short entry fee is $15 per story.
There is no entry fee for the Readers Choice since it is a reader nominated contest.
Full-length books can be entered in a maximum of 5 categories (Genre, Audience, Debut, Audio, and Cover Design), but the entry fee must be paid for each submission.

Short fiction stories can be entered into a maximum of 3 categories (Short Fiction, Audio, and Cover Design), but the entry fee must be paid for each submission.


Winners receive a commemorative award, award stickers for their entry, promotional opportunities, and the opportunity to be carried in the Realm Makers Mobile Bookstore and Bookish, a brick-and-mortar bookstore at the King of Prussia mall.
The Book of the Year winner will also receive a cash prize of $250.
Prizes will be given to the contest entrant unless otherwise directed.

To Enter

Mark your calendars for January 1st and go to to enter.

Have questions? Review our Awards FAQs

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