New Releases: October

Looking for your next read? Why don’t you try one of these October new releases from our members?

Admirers, antiquities, and . . . ancient curses?
It's up to Hamelin and his friends to save Princess Sophia and all of Parthogen before the Land of Gloaming is doomed forever.
Goblin convict Valshara Sh’a flees a merciless bounty hunter in this fantasy retelling of Les Misérables.
A marked man. Strange beasts. Otherworldly beings. In a young world, a new realm is born from fire and chaos.
Sometimes Hell follows you home.
Prophecy guides a quest for ancient guardians. A despot draws near, determined to rule the world and destroy all that is holy and pure.
They kidnapped her. Trained her. And now they’re hunting her.
He needs to pull off the biggest con of his life... but he can't do it without her.
The twins Talia rescues bring wind and thunder, along with peace and wonder, and are catalysts for more change than anyone expects.
Is freedom, or more heartache, found in truth? The only secret worth keeping is the one that could cost her everything.
Fragmar, a wise dragon, wants to be left alone, but the human race call to her over and over again as the centuries of her life unfurl.
Confri thinks her part in the project is over. Until Castitaran dragons come up with a much more creative plan!
Join Ye Olde Dragon authors for 13 stories in dangerous, strange, and mythical water. And think carefully before you go in the water.

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