The Realm Awards Long List 2024

Friends of Speculative Fiction!We are excited to announce the works of speculative fiction that have moved on to the second round of the Realm Awards. Congratulations to all of you who advanced to the Long List that will undergo more judging to determine our finalists in each category. Here are the books, stories, audio, and cover art that are moving forward for continued judging.

Inversion- Cathy McCrumb
A Book Dragon’s Story- Olivia G. Booms
A Crumble of Magic- Dana Black
A Dying Phoenix- Karyne Norton
A Marriage of Inconvenience- Robin Rakkeby
A Peace of the Stars- Victoria Robers
A Time for War- JJ Johnson
A Time to Embrace- Kaylena Radcliff
A Time to Hate- Ben Avery
A Time to Keep- Teddi Deppner
After Stars Fall- Nicole Wheeler
At the Boundary Between Daylight and Shadow- Eileen R. Hickman
Courage Rendering- Rachel Ann Michael Harris
Crack the Stone- Emily Golus
Fairies in the Garden- Rachel Elizabeth
Fiona’s Fabulous Footwear- H.L. Davis
Glaukopis- Morgan Manns
Grim Guardian- Sarah Pennington
House of Shadows- Hannah Carter
Knots and Tangles- S.M. Jake
Lessons of Kingship- Amber Kirkpatrick
Mortal Wounds- Austin Anderson
Oasis- Kristen Bazen
Paint the Nile Red- Lincoln Reed
Prairie Dragon- S.M. Jake
Remains- Steve Rzasa
Salt In Our Blood, Salt In Our Tears- Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Siren Song- C.S. Wachter
Spindle- Hailey Huntington
Symbiosis- Valari Westeren
The Gossamer Ascent- Elizabeth Van Tassel
The Little Tire Shop- Abi Lyn Voss
The Lost Slipper- Michele Israel Harper
The Moon Cake- Carrie Anne Noble
The Mountain of Death- Lincoln Reed
The Once and Future King Returns- Olivia Gratehouse
The Sword Still Within the Stone- S.M. Jake
Thorns at Sunrise- Janeen Ippolito
Triple Threat- Hailey Huntington
Victory Cry -Brigitte Cromey
Shattered Echoes – Hope Jian

A Bond of Briars- Erin Philips
Alight- J.F. Rogers
Bear Knight- James Hannibal
Drafted- Tommie Michele
Face the Night- Lani Forbes
Fortified- Vanessa Burton
Fugitives of Talionis- C.J. Milacci
*Glass Helix- Katee Stein
*Heart of the Sea- Moriah Chavis
*Hearts- Brittany Eden
Judah Starweaver and the way of Dragons- Tamara Grantham
My Fair Mermaid- Sarah Beran
Of Sea and Smoke- Gillian Bronte Adams
*Ragabones- Daniel Tweddell
Rogue Pursuit- B.L. DeanSides- Bradley Caffee
*Sky of Seven Colors- Rachelle Nelson
Steal the Morrow- Jenelle Schmidt
*Suspended in the Stars- E.A. Hendryx
*The Eternity Gate- Katherine Briggs
The Girl with Fire in Her Veins- Dawn Ford
The King’s Feather- Amy Earls
*The Mermaid’s Tale- Laura Richmond
The Ord and the Airship- Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
United People- Susan Cullen
*Well of Dreams- Kayla Ann
*When Death is Coming- Jen Woodrum
*Where Darkness Dwells- Andrea Renae

*Changelings: Insurgence- Liam Corley
*Enhanced- Candace Kade
Fugitive of Talionis- C.J. Milacci
*Glass Helix- Katee Stein
Realms of Wrath and Ruin- Alli Earnest
Rogue Pursuit- B.L. Dean
Sides- Bradley Caffee
*Soul Designers- Dona Watson
*Steal Fire from the Gods- Clint Hall
*Suspended in the Stars- E.A. Hendryx
The Chocolate Trap- Jeri Massi
*The Limits of My World- Gregory Coles
The Red Door- Rachel Lulich
The Wayward- Tabitha Caplinger
*When Death is Coming- Jen Woodrum

A Bond of Briars- Erin Phillips
Accidentally a Supervillain- H.L. Burke
*All the Fragile Hearts- M.T. Solomon
Baptism by Fire- Alexandra Gilchrist
Bard Tidings- Paul Regnier
Battle for the Crown- Dawn Shipman
Bear Knight- James Hannibal
Break the Beast- Allison Tebo
Chase the Legend- Hannah Kaye
Children of the Earth- Amanda Auler
Daughter of Arden: Promise- Loren G. Warnemuende
Daughter of Arden: Wandering- Loren G. Warnemuende
Divided- Kandi J. Wyatt
Eagles of the Grand Kingdom- Matt Barron
*Heart of the Sea- Moriah Chavis
*Jade Torch: The Killing Thought- Anne Marie Wells
Lumen- Jasmine Fischer
*On Hidden Wings- Adare Elyse
Power Pup vs Grillmaster- Amanda Trumpower
Saber’s Pride- C.M. Banschbach
Shadowcast- Crystal Grant
Silver Bounty- Victoria McCombs
*Sky of Seven Colors- Rachelle Nelson
Song of the Selkies- Sarah Pennington
*The Agapéd Bearer: Wishing Stars- Hannah Lindsey
The Carver and the Queen- Emma Fox
*The Eternity Gate- Katherine Briggs
*The King’s Feather- Amy Earls
The Looking-Glass Illusion- Sara Ella
The Ord and the Airship- Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
The Secret of Stardust- Heather FitzGerald
The Soul Mark- J.J. Fischer
The Whisperer’s Wish- Janilise Lloyd
The Winter Queen’s Tale- Naomi P. Cohen
*To Bind Fire: Empire of Ash and Song- D.E. Carlson
To Form a Passage- Sharon Rose
*Where Darkness Dwells- Andrea Renae
Woodencloak- Dawn Ford

A Fire to Kindle- Daniel Dydek
A Vine to Prune- Daniel Dydek
Almost Paradise- Bryan Mitchell
*Carol of the Rooms- Diana Leagh Matthews
Days of Trial and Tribulation- Mark E. Fisher
Restoration- C.G. Clark
*Something of a Tall Tale- Christopher Tyler
The Minister’s Battle- Matthew Newson

Demolishing the Stronghold- Allen Brokken
Lewis: The Wounded- Lauren H. Brandenburg
*On Hidden Wings- Adare Elyse
Paintball with Dragons- Hope Bolinger
The Curse of Ozpa Springs- Laura L. Zimmerman
The Tiny Cyborg- Jill Williamson
Woodencloak- Dawn Ford

Child of Prophecy- Tracy Bradford
Estuary- Lisa Bergren
Prentice Ash- Matt Barron
Rogue Pursuit- B.L. Dean
Sky of Seven Colors- Rachelle Nelson
The Choice- Bradley Caffee
The Ord and the Airship- Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Unleashed- Amber Kirkpatrick

Almost Paradise- Bryan Timothy Mitchell
Bard Tidings- Paul Regnier
Drafted- Tommie Michele
Enhanced- Candace Kade
On Hidden Wings- Adare Alyse
Shadowcast- Crystal Grant
Sides- Bradley Caffee
Steal Fire From the Gods- Kirk Douponce (lllustrator)
The Balter of Ashton Harper- Millie Florence
The Betrayed- Jeff Wheeler
The Curse of Ozpa Springs- Laura L. Zimmerman
The Lost King’s Daughter- A.D. German
The Red Door- Rachel Lulich
The Sun Still Rises- Lani Forbes
Unexpected Encounters of a Draconic Kind and Other Stories- Beka Gremikova

*Also long list finalist for the Debut Category

Good luck to all of these fine creators who will compete for the finalist top 5! And don’t forget, we’ll announce the winners at the Awards Banquet at the Realm Makers Annual Conference in St. Louis, July 19th via livestream and in-person.

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