New Releases: February

Looking for your next read? Why don’t you try one of these February new releases from our members?

A city crippled by corruption, a mysterious conspiracy, and a chilling curse… so begins the fifth installment in the Orlell Chronicles.
Versont and Rhoanda become embroiled in the political chaos caused by her father's death and his handing over of the kingdom Versont.
Princess Blythe’s heart is made of glass, and someone’s out to break it—literally. Prince Murdock’s heart is a rare prize, and someone’s out to steal it—fatally.
Being on the run has never been more dangerous, especially when her Intended bond is threatened by someone determined to tear Vela and Linc apart.
Will Colleen stop the queen or release a deeper evil and curse the lands forever?
The Recorder's fate has been sealed, but the Consortium is not the only enemy.

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