New Releases: January

Looking for your next read? Why don’t you try one of these January new releases from our members?

Grayden thought he had four years to decide his future... he was wrong.
Get ready for another uproarious escapade with Iggy Risner and his zany crew! This time they're up against a mystical ice cream truck serving up chaos.
A promised legacy. Looming darkness. Torn between duty and their future, can a faithful young couple keep evil at bay?
A kingdom in the future, a girl from the past, and a stained-glass window that can’t be found.
Jack Derwood is hit by a car and finds himself transported to a new world. Who has sent him here, and how can he get home?
Pre-teen Reed Anderson receives a mysterious foretelling which shifts his world and can help him discover his true identity if he survives.
Ess searches for her childhood friend while evading the Revisionists who want to enslave her and control her power.
All Nica wants to do is find her sister and swim home to safety, but with the landwalkers closing in, escape may not be possible.
A visit to a chocolate estate turns dark and dangerous as science teacher Doc Thorson and his students try to unravel the secrets of truly "killer" chocolate.
What if Jesus had never been born? Someone traveled back in time and prevented the birth of Jesus. Can time dancers Dan and Susi correct time and restore hope?

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