Congratulations to our Readers’ Choice Semifinalists!

More than 600 readers have spoken! The results of the 1,055 nominations are in. Here are this year’s 25 Readers’ Choice semifinalists in semi-alphabetic order:

A Thieving Curse
Selina R. Gonzalez, Wyvern Wing Press

Blood of the Seer
C.M. Banschbach

Nova Mcbee, Wise Wolf Books

Empire of Dragons
Rachel L. Schade, Dragon Shadow Publishing

Kin & Kind
Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Aeclipse Press

Of Fire and Ash
Gillian Bronte Adams, Enclave Escape

On These Black Sands
Vanessa Rasanen, Crab Apple Books

Cathy McCrumb, Enclave Publishing

Secrets in the Mist
Morgan L. Busse, Enclave Escape

Kara Swanson, Enclave Escape

Nova McBee, Wise Wolf Books

Xyvah M. Okoye, Chartus.X

That Pale Host
L.G. McCary, Monster Ivy Publishing

The Beautiful Ones
Emily Hayse

The Chase
Bradley Caffee, Mountain Brook Ink

The Goblin and the Dancer
Allison Tebo

The Rhise of Hope
Max B. Sternberg, Max B Sternberg

The Rhise of Light
Max B. Sternberg, Max B Sternberg

The Stars in the Sidewalk
Craig Matthews, Craig Matthews Media LLC

The Windward King
K. T. Ivanrest, Ink Drake Press

The Wolf Queen
Tabitha Caplinger

These War-Torn Hands
Emily Hayse, Blue Maverick Press

What Lies Above
Caitlin Lambert

Alyssa Roat, Mountain Brook Ink

Wrought of Serpent and Snow
E. J. Kitchens, Brier Road Press

Readers: Thank you for your nominations, but you’re not done. Come back May 1-22 to vote for your top 3 favorites! In the meantime, start reading the books on this list that look most interesting to you.

Authors: Congratulations! Feel free to encourage your fans to vote for your book(s), but please don’t bribe them to do so. We consider offering prizes as a way to boost votes for your novel unethical. (If you do it and we find out, you might be disqualified.)

Everyone: If you haven’t already, register for the 10th Annual Realm Makers Writers Conference, where the Readers’ Choice Award will be presented. The cost of registration increases on May 15th, so save yourself some money and register now! 

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