New Releases: January

Looking for your next read? Why don’t you try one of these January new releases from our members?

Strayblood (Draev Guardians Book 2) by E.E. Rawls - Elemental Manipulation is a tricky business as Cyrus, a girl who can manipulate metal, and Aken the last Scourgeblood, are about to find out, in a world that is determined to either use them or destroy them…
Dawn of the Living Proof (Neighborlee Book 11) by Michelle L. Levigne - An old enemy makes another attempt to get a foothold in Neighborlee and break open the gates that Divine's Emporium and Angela keep securely closed. What type of magic is this that disintegrates with the coming of dawn?
Mina: Warrior in the Shadows by Deborah Cullins Smith - Dracula is dead. Now Mina Harker must determine what she is left with. Abilities she did not want, gifts she did not seek. In a world where women are expected to be docile, Mina is a warrior dedicated to serving God and protecting an unsuspecting populace. But her training alone will demand ... everything.
A Castle From Ashes - Castle in the Wilde Novel 3 by Sharon Rose - His family was abased, and their castle destroyed. Now a hint of the king’s favor marks him for murder.

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