At the Realm Makers Conference, authors seeking to have their manuscripts traditionally published have the opportunity to meet with agents and editors who are specifically looking to acquire speculative fiction. We are honored to have a strong selection of publishing houses taking appointments. Read on for which houses will be represented and what their editorial needs are.

* Please make sure to research each publisher/agent you are considering making an appointment with. It helps everyone if you are as knowledgeable about what the publishing house or agent has been producing.

Donald Maass, The Donald Maass Agency

Fiction, all genres, no children’s picture books or poetry.

Steve Laube, The Steve Laube Agency and Enclave Publishing 

Great science fiction or fantasy (adult and YA) intended for Enclave Publishing. No horror. No Middle Grade.

Talia Messina, Tyndale House Publishers 

Thoughtful and diverse stories for middle grade or YA readers with an Evangelical Christian worldview (meaning there is one creator God who intentionally seeks to connect with his creation). We accept fantasy, speculative fiction, dystopian, and contemporary stories. We prefer books with a series potential. 

Amy Michelle Carpenter, Monster Ivy Publishing

Monster Ivy is looking for edgy, clean fiction with an uplifting message. We are looking fantasy, science fiction, horror, and romance at a PG13 or less rating, particularly for teenagers. We like hard-hitting themes and difficult topics, and darker stories, but we also like lighter stories with poignant messages. Stories can be Christian fiction or have Christian representation or uplifting themes.

Lisa Mangum, Shadow Mountain Publishing 

Shadow Mountain Publishing is passionate about clean content and empowering values. We publish general fiction and nonfiction for all ages.

We are currently looking for

Fiction; empathy-building, contemporary middle grade novels;middle grade fantasy; historical romance (Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, etc.); women’s fiction; YA fiction; general fiction; historical fiction


historical nonfiction; inspirational nonfiction; middle grade nonfiction; cookbooks; religious content for non-denominal audience

Deb Haggerty, Elk Lake Publishing 

Speculative fiction of all types for all ages (except horror). If there’s romance or a mystery involved, that’s even better.

Rebecca Reynolds, Oasis Family Media 

Elementary, YA 


Rowena Kuo, Brimstone Fiction

Brimstone Fiction seeks engaging, well-written stories in the genres of Speculative Fiction (YA Science Fiction and YA Fantasy) and chiller thrillers with supernatural/paranormal elements. I am open to considering all genres of fiction and nonfiction, but I will be more interested in your work if you already know your audience. During appointments, I would like to see a one-sheet and the first chapter of your book. I look for authors with enthusiasm and a willingness to develop their writing skills, whether they are just at the beginning of their writing career or multi-published world-wide. Although the Brimstone Community maintains a Christian worldview, our audience will extend to the general market. I look forward to meeting you, no matter where you are on your career path as you continue your journey to publication.


Marilyn Kretzer, Blackstone Publishing

Sci-fi, Romance, Mystery, Self Improvement

Samantha Riff, Soma Games

Samantha is the lead writer at Soma Games and would love to chat you up regarding the enormous potential for expanding your audience through the medium of Interactive Fiction.

In a meeting with Soma, an author can:

  • pitch their story world as content for development into a video game.
  • Provide a writing audition to work on one of the intellectual properties Soma already has lined up to develop.

Alyssa Roat, Mountain Brook Fire 

Mountain Brook Fire publishes clean and Christian speculative fiction for YA and adult audiences. We are actively looking for general market fantasy, sci-fi, and spec titles. I’m especially looking for diverse voices, fantasy with unique worldbuilding and settings, steampunk, contemporary/urban fantasy, and soft sci-fi. However, I’m open to hearing about all spec genres except horror.


AJ Skelly, Quill and Flame Publishing

Quill & Flame Publishing House publishes clean secular YA and NA romance. 

Michelle Levigne, Mt. Zion Press and Ye Olde Dragon Books

MZRP is a small Christian press, looking for good books “off the beaten path,” open to SF/fantasy. Ye Olde Dragon is SF, fantasy and dark fantasy/supernatural, taking submissions for 2 yearly anthologies.

Erin Howard, Expanse Books

Clean and/or Christian middle-grade, YA, and adult speculative fiction

Stacy Hooker, Descendant Publishing

We are currently accepting manuscripts in these young adult and middle grade genres:

  • Epic quest/adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Urban fantasy
  • High fantasy

General Requirements

  • Single stories or series. We accept manuscripts geared for all ages.
  • Content suitable for a wide audience, containing appropriate themes and message.
  • Nearly complete or completed manuscript, unpublished and ready to submit.
  • All of our authors are professed Christians and their lives reflect a Biblical standard.

Janeen Ippolito, Uncommon Universes Press

UUP is a small press that publishes fantasy books with wonder, adventure, sacrifice, and courage. We’re looking for completed, polished manuscripts and authors who are self-motivated and ready to join our family. We’re actively acquiring romantic fantasy, adventure fantasy, and dark fantasy.

Within those areas we’re looking for fairy tales, mythology retellings, urban and contemporary fantasy stories, and stories featuring a variety of cultures (venture outside of classic medieval Europe). We’re always ready to say “yes” to the right book.

We take novels, novellas, and occasionally previously self-published books. You’re also welcome to pitch ideas for nonfiction fantasy-related books. Please, keep all submissions PG-13 or below.