New Releases: March

Looking for your next read? Why don’t you try one of these March new releases from our members?

Rogue Pursuit by B.L. Dean - A smuggler, a spy, a brewing revolution...and a rogue agent who could destroy it all.
The Eden Option by Allen Arnold - The Eden Option is a beacon that calls us back to God-reality. It reveals his original design for our lives, how we lost it, and why it matters more than we imagine.
Daughter of the Beastly Beauty by Michelle L. Levigne - A problematic 17th birthday in the enchanted castle. The best way to avoid curses was to stay home, alone, with the doors locked. Too bad Prince Ruprick wouldn't take no for an answer.
Clean Fiction: Spring Edition 2023 by Amy Lynn McConahy - Wonderful Reads for the Quirky & Discerning Book Lover

Congratulations, Members! Keep up the great work!!

Readers: Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think? If not, which one interests you most, and why?

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