New Releases: April

Looking for your next read? Why don’t you try one of these April new releases from our members?

The Girl With Stars In Her Eyes by Dawn Ford - Magic wasn't real. Until it was. Now, Tambrynn is on the run from an evil that would steal her abilities and corrupt her very soul.
Forbidden, Book Four of the Forlorn Series by Gina Detwiler - The Watchers are unleashed. The End has begun.
Crown & Cinder by Kendra E. Ardnek - Pride and Prejudice derails Cinderella with fire magic.
The Tale of the Hostage Prince by Anna Tan - After his parents' murders, who can Yosua trust? Family? Or friends?
A Kingdom in Crisis by Luke G. Simons - The King has died, and the successor is .... running for his life.

Congratulations, Members! Keep up the great work!!

Readers: Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think? If not, which one interests you most, and why?

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