New Releases: September

Looking for your next read? Why don’t you try one of these September new releases from our members?

Rumors, Reunions, and Revenge (The Pirate Hunter Chronicles Book 3) by Sarah Rodecker and Helena George - "A wealthy duke from a mysterious island. Rumors of the dead walking. And siren songs of immortality. "
Rose Petals & Snowflakes by Kendra E. Ardnek - After their father's death, two sisters find themselves trapped in the politics of a mysterious forest.
Snow Globe Travelers: Samuel’s Legacy - Audiobook by K.A. Cummins - A twelve-year-old girl discovers a link between the father she’s never known and a mysterious shop where the snow globes open portals to other worlds.
A Castle Lost by Sharon Rose - Condemned for a crime he didn’t commit. How can the last son of a debased duke survive treacherous exile and the king’s fury?
Return of the Living Proof: Neighborlee Book 9 by Michelle L. Levigne - An accidental time doorway opens in the quarries (always tricky when it comes to Neighborlee), allowing Lanie and her brothers a chance to see what happened when their parents vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. They have a chance to save Charlie and Rainbow -- but what if they caused their parents to vanish in the first place?
Birds of the Air by S. E. M. Ishida - At Jesus' baptism, the Holy Spirit will take the form of a bird. Whom will God choose?
Quest of Fire: Shadows at Nightfall by Brett Armstrong - The hour has arrived... with all its terrors.

Congratulations, Members! Keep up the great work!!

Readers: Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think? If not, which one interests you most, and why?

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