Conference Update: Early bird extended until March 31st!

Come to the annual Realm Makers Conference!

We just increased our maximum attendance to 2019 levels, so we are excited to offer a full-size conference in 2021. (And there was much rejoicing!!!)

So far, we have more than 200 in-person attendees and over 40 live-online attendees registered for conference. If you’re not on that list, do yourself a favor and save money by registering on or before March 31st.

The great thing about this year’s HYBRID CONFERENCE is that everyone, in-person and live-online attendees, gets the FULL CONFERENCE EXPERIENCE

  • Everyone can join our online conference group, which opens March 31st!
  • ALL of the conference offerings will be streamed live, AND you’ll be able to watch any session immediately after it’s finished. You don’t have to worry about missing important information because you need to go to an appointment (or the bathroom). That means, if you’re at the conference and need a break from people, you can watch any session live-online from your hotel room. 
  • EVERYONE, both in-person and live-online attendees, will have access to ALL recorded sessions. 
  • EVERYONE can sign up for appointments. We have agents/editors/mentors offering in-person and/or online appointments.
  • We’re planning some amazing online-only events that will make you feel like you’re AT CONFERENCE. 
  • We are SO EXCITED at all the possibilities this hybrid conference will bring to our Realmies. This is going to be a conference unlike any other you’ve been to, and we believe it will set the standard for future conferences. That’s our hope, anyway, and you can be a part of it!

Exhibitors (formerly known as vendors)

We’re taking applications for exhibitors! Register as an exhibitor to be on our waitlist.


Our list of appointment takers is almost finalized. Stay tuned for MORE. More paid critiques, more mentors, more specialty appointments. Sign up for our newsletter, if you’re not already, and be among the first to know!

Let’s Get Social!

  • The RealmSphere conference group opens March 31st!
  • The Roomate/Carpool group is already open.
  • We also have a special group for Teen conference attendees.

Get thee to the RealmSphere immediately!

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