New for 2021: Purchase Protection Insulates You In Case of Alien Abuction

For the 2021 conference, we are making a Purchase Protection plan available as an optional add-on to your registration.  Purchase Protection will provide a refund in the event of: death in the family, emergency health issues (including COVID diagnosis within 30 days of the event), crime against the registrant, home emergency such as fire or flood, transportation failure like a cancelled flight (not related to a travel ban) or vehicle breakdown, severe weather that makes the venue inaccessible on the day of the event, or sudden legal obligations like a subpoena.

Hosting a live event during the pandemic puts Realm Makers at significant financial risk, and we want to be sure we can keep bringing you great events in the future. Without Purchase Protection, Realm Makers Conference registrations are non-refundable.

We would tame COVID if we could.

But since we don’t have anti-pandemic superpowers, here’s the deal:

THE CORE OF COVID-RELATED CANCELLATIONS: If you opt into the Purchase Protection program, you are only covered if you or someone who lives in the same house as you contracts COVID within 30 days of the event. You will need to provide written documentation to file a claim for a refund in this case.

Neither Realm Makers nor Purchase Protection has any control over government mandates or travel bans, and therefore we cannot assume responsibility if your state/country of residence, the city of St. Louis, or the state of Missouri institutes unexpected travel restrictions this summer. It is very important that you know your travel options, based on your home location, when you decide whether you will register for the in-person event. Neither Purchase Protection nor our refund policy will cover government-instituted restrictions on travel.

Your registration IS transferrable.

If you register, but then can’t attend Realm Makers for any reason that doesn’t qualify for Purchase Protection, you will still have the option of transferring your registration to a different attendee. The transfer incurs a $15 fee. Our registration form this year has a specific link right at the top for you to handle such a transfer, very easily, on your own.

The burning questions

Q: What if Realm Makers cannot host the in-person conference due to circumstances beyond their control?

A: The conference will happen, no matter what. The only thing that might change is the delivery method for our in-person registrants. In the very unlikely event that government restrictions dictate we cannot hold the in-person conference, we will still livestream all the content we have planned.

Therefore, in the event that local, state, or federal mandates dictate that we cannot host a group in the hotel, all in-person registrations will convert to live online registrations, and all registrants will receive a refund of $150. By registering for the in-person conference, you are consenting to this alternate plan, which we will institute only as a last resort.

Q: What if I’m not sure if I should register for the in-person conference or if I will be able to travel this summer?

A: We would ask that you either hold off on registering or choose the online option if you are unsure of your ability to travel to St. Louis. When you are certain you can attend, check back to see if we still have seats for in-person attendees. Lord willing, the restrictions in St. Louis will loosen by the summer, and anyone who wants to come to the in-person event will have that option.

Questions? Please contact us at