At the Realm Makers Conference, authors seeking to have their manuscripts traditionally published have the opportunity to meet with agents and editors who are specifically looking to acquire speculative fiction. We are honored to have a strong selection of publishing houses taking appointments. Read on for which houses will be represented and what their editorial needs are.

Linda Howard, Tyndale House Publishers (onsite and virtual appointments)

Seeking: YA fiction and nonfiction, devotionals, picture books, Middle Grade fiction and non fiction

Steve Laube, The Steve Laube Agency and Enclave Publishing (onsite appointments only)

Seeking: All types of Speculative Fiction. I look at everything through the eyes of a literary agent but also as a possible acquisition for Enclave Publishing.

Heidi Taylor Gordon, Shadow Mountain Publishing (onsite & virtual appointments)

Editorial needs TBA

Cyle Young, Cyle Young Literary Elite (onsite and virtual appointments)

Editorial needs TBA

Janeen Ippolito, Uncommon Universes Press (onsite and virtual appointments)

Uncommon Universes Press is an independent publisher seeking stories with wonder, adventure, and sacrifice. We publish for the general market.

We’re actively acquiring for UUP Rimspark (science fiction and fantasy), UUP Steel Rigg (edgy, gritty, and dark-but-hopeful), and our new imprint, UUP Ardorlight (romantic com, romantic suspense, and romantic books with a light spec fic/fantasy touch).

We’re only interested in completed manuscripts. Please bring the first five chapters, a one-page with marketing stats, and a one-page synopsis. See our submissions page for additional details at

Deb Haggerty, Elk Lake Publishing (virtual appointments only)

Seeking: Both fantasy and science fiction for children through adults. Particularly interested in middle-grade and YA.

Michele Harper, Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing (virtual appointments only)

Seeking: speculative-fiction manuscripts that are professional, gripping, and wholesome. Currently obtaining for their 2022 production schedule, Michele and her team will be looking at manuscripts in the sci-fi and fantasy genres and subgenres for young adult, new adult, and adult audiences.

Submission guidelines can be found here:

Manuscripts must be complete in order to be considered, and we ask that they be as clean (in other words, as professionally edited) as possible. 

Miralee Ferrell, Mountain Brook Fire (virtual appointments only)

Seeking: both general market and Christian speculative fiction from upper middle grade through adult audiences. We’re passionate about quality storytelling and worldbuilding that is also clean.

We are actively looking for:

Contemporary fantasy, Original worlds with a new spin on epic fantasy, Unique Fairytale Retellings, Futuristic, Space Epics, Spiritual Warfare, Supernatural, Superheroes, Steampunk

What we are not looking for: Allegory, Dystopian, End times, Post-apocalyptic, Witchcraft, Zombies, Paranormal, Vampires or werewolves, Horror

Diana Pho, Serial Box (virtual appointments only)

About Serial Box: Serial Box delivers the best stories in audio and for reading. Switch between listening and reading with a single click. We deliver bite-sized stories—dramas, comedy, sci-fi/fantasy, non-fiction and more—to fit your day. Perfect for busy fans of ebooks, audiobooks, TV, and podcasts.

While technology has rapidly evolved, the way publishers and writers bring books to readers really hasn’t. Storytelling in TV has become more sophisticated and multilayered, podcasts have risen to mainstream media status—but ebooks are just books on digital devices, not easier, more fun, or more social than they were before.

Serial Box is here to change all of that: artfully blending together the best of series television and the convenience of ebooks and audiobooks to bring readers a new form of story telling. Releasing fiction serials over the course of 10-16 week seasons, Serial Box is about delivering addictive episodes straight to the user’s digital device to be read or listened to anytime, anywhere.

To best fit into Serial Box’s weekly episodic format, I’m especially looking for fiction that can be read in bite-sized chapters or broken up into listening episodes of similar length.

What I acquire for Serial Box: Adult and young adult novellas (up to 48K words) and short novels (between 48 – 70K words) in the realm of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Rowena Kuo, Brimstone Fiction (virtual appointments only)

Seeking: engaging, well-written stories in the genres of Speculative Fiction (YA Science Fiction and YA Fantasy) and chiller thrillers with supernatural/paranormal elements. I will be open to considering all genres of fiction, but I will be more interested in your work if you already know your audience. During appointments, I would like to see a one-sheet and the first chapter of your novel. I look for authors with enthusiasm and a willingness to develop their writing skills, whether they are just at the beginning of their writing career or multi-published world-wide. Although Brimstone Fiction maintains a Christian worldview, our audience will extend to the general market. I look forward to meeting you, no matter where you are on your career path as you continue your journey to publication.

Troy Hooker, Descendant Publishing (in-person only)

About Descendant Publishing: Descendant Publishing is the newest premier Christian fiction & fantasy provider of epic stories and media for youth and adults. Part of our vision includes the development of creative curriculum with many of the stories we publish. Launched in 2020, our team is working hard to build a publishing platform that authors can count on to get their manuscript to masterpiece.

We are currently accepting manuscripts in these young adult genres:
• Epic quest/adventure
• Fantasy
• Urban fantasy
• High fantasyGeneral Requirements
• Single stories or series. We accept manuscripts geared for all ages.
• Content suitable for a wide audience, containing appropriate themes and message.
• Nearly complete or completed manuscript, unpublished and ready to submit.
• All of our authors are professed Christians and their lives reflect a Biblical standard.